There are several material classifications for seamless cylinders

Seamless cylinders are classified by manufacturing materials:

Seamless steel cylinder

The cylinder is made of billet as raw material, by stamping and drawing, or by seamless steel tube as material, by hot spinning and closing. The bottle is made of dead steel, such as fine carbon steel, manganese steel, chromium-molybdenum steel or other alloy steel, which is smelted by basic open hearth furnace, electric furnace or oxygen blowing basic converter. Used for holding long gas (compressed gas) and high pressure liquefied gas.

Steel welded gas cylinders

It is a steel plate as raw material, stamping coil welded steel cylinder manufacturing. The materials of the bottle body and pressure components are dead steel smelted by open hearth furnace, electric furnace or oxidation converter. The materials require good stamping and welding performance. These cylinders are used to hold liquefied gases at low pressure.

Three, winding glass fiber cylinder

It is made of glass fiber with binder wound or carbon fiber. Generally, there is an inner cylinder made of aluminum, whose function is to ensure the air tightness of the cylinder, while the pressure strength depends on the outer cylinder wrapped with glass fiber. Due to good thermal insulation performance and light weight, this kind of cylinder is mostly used to contain compressed air for breathing, and it is used for personnel working in fire prevention, toxic area or anoxic area to carry on the back and match with the mask. Generally, the volume is small (1 ~ 10L), and the inflation pressure is usually 15 ~ 30MPa.


Post time: Oct-19-2020
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