Safety technical operation rules for oxygen cylinders

1. Inflammable and explosive articles are not allowed to be placed within 10 meters around the storage place of oxygen cylinders. Lying on the floor is not allowed. Empty and full bottles should be stored separately.


2. When storing oxygen cylinders, the cap must be worn, the ambient temperature of storage should not exceed 35℃, and cover properly in summer to prevent sunlight.


3. When handling oxygen cylinders, please be careful, handle them lightly, and do not turn over the ground horizontally. Please wear the cap when handling long distance.


4, the oxygen meter should be installed to flush the dust on the switch, the low-pressure regulator should be in a closed state, the use of the high-pressure switch first, and then slowly open the low-pressure regulator, until the requirements are met.


5. When opening and closing the bottle mouth, hands and tools should be protected from oil stains. When filling the bottle mouth, oxygen pressure gauge should be accurate and sensitive.


6. When freezing occurs in winter, only steam or hot water can be used for thawing. It is forbidden to use open fire or electric shock for thawing.


7. When the machine stops or the operator leaves the site, first close the high-pressure switch and then exit the adjustment screw of the pressure-reducing valve.


8. The oxygen in the oxygen cylinder shall not be completely exhausted and the residual pressure shall not be less than 0.5mpa.


Post time: Nov-09-2020
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