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    • Do you understand the 15 procedures of ga...
      There are as many as 15 cylinder testing procedures, not including the charging and device reset after testing. 1: Remove the cylinder head valve It needs to be carried out by trained workers, including 7 steps. In th...
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    • Gas sense, why can’t oxygen cylinder touch grease?
      Gas sense, why can’t oxygen cylinde...
      Pure oxygen is generally refers to the oxygen purity is more than 99%, the properties of pure oxygen and air, pure oxygen oxidation is much more strongly than air, if grease oils containing unsaturated fatty acids, in...
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    • Precautions for the use of medical oxygen...
      The normal air we breathe is mostly nitrogen and only 20% oxygen. Some people with respiratory problems need higher levels of oxygen than this, and use extra oxygen at home as part of their treatment. Home oxygen ther...
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