Why do gas cylinders wear caps?

Because of the cylinder valve is mostly made of copper alloy, fragile, although some steel to make, but because of its structure than the small bottle, spin on the bottle between bottleneck and the cylinder valve joint form a right Angle, it is the weak point of the bottle, and the bulge of bottles, are most vulnerable to the impact of mechanical damage or foreign. If in the process of handling, storage, use, due to damage carelessly, gas cylinder fall, fall, roll or by other hard impact, easy to appear the bottle valve joint and the bottleneck connection of the root fracture.


Bottleneck or the consequences of broken cylinder valve: when the oxygen cylinder valve is broken, the bottle in 150 kg/cm2 of high pressure gas, resulting in the bottle of high pressure gas out of control, high pressure gas, the reaction force of the cylinder to the opposite direction of the rush, can cause damage to machinery, equipment, buildings and even cause casualties; When the acetylene cylinder valve breaks, the flammable gas out, and the air to form an explosive gas mixture, met open flame explosion. The gas spewing out at high speed in the bottle will cause more serious secondary accidents (such as fire, explosion, poisoning, etc.) due to the nature of the gas in the bottle. If the bottle is filled with flammable gas, the static electricity generated by the fierce friction caused by the high speed injection or other fire sources can cause combustion explosion.


On the other hand: bottle valve exposed to the outside, in the process of handling, storage, it is easy to invade the ash layer or grease substances, thereby bringing danger. And wear hard hat to be able to prevent ash layer or grease kind material contamination and invasion.


In order to eliminate the above hazards, it is required that the bottle-making unit should be equipped with a safety helmet when the cylinder is shipped. When using gas, put the helmet down to a fixed place. After using it, put the cap on and tighten it. Don’t throw it around. Never forget to wear safety helmet when handling and loading.


Post time: Apr-29-2020
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