How does the manufacturer inspect medical oxygen cylinders

Many industries need to use gas detector, of course, the machine is always wrong, then we need to check it. How do you test a gas detector? Medical oxygen cylinder manufacturers for you to explain the following. Common malfunction of combustible gas detector.

First of all, let’s see if we’re using it incorrectly. When using combustible gas detector, pay attention not to use or install combustible gas detector near air conditioning or heating, because if cold or hot air is blown to the gas alarm, it will affect the platinum wire resistivity of the alarm and cause a fault. Alarm in the installation of the Angle, wiring and other issues when using should pay attention to the surrounding electromagnetic interference. We should also pay attention to the heat, dust, humidity and so on.

When the gas detector is connected with the exhaust fan, it should be noted that the leakage gas cannot be detected. Pay attention to the detector after the alarm exhaust fan. Do not put or hang anything on the detector. Do not change the position after the instrument is installed.

Secondly, take a look at the non-standard construction process. Medical oxygen cylinder manufacturers remind that if the construction process is not standard, the equipment will fail. If the combustible gas detector is not placed around the leaking gas, the gas near the exhaust fan cannot be detected by the gas detector. There is electromagnetic interference and it is not reliably grounded, and the test is inaccurate.

Routine inspection and maintenance must be done. If the gas detector is used, it is bound to come into contact with toxic gases or dust particles. The damage of the instrument is the objective reason.


Post time: Jun-24-2020
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