Do you know what kind of cylinders are classified?

The improvement of economy has promoted the continuous progress of industry. Industrial gas cylinder must be familiar to everyone, it is a pressure equipment, in the industry is more common equipment. Do you know the classification of industrial cylinders? Today by small make up for you to talk about its classification are what?

Industrial gas cylinders

Cylinders can be divided into the following three categories according to the physical state of the medium.

(1) Permanent gas cylinder

The gas whose critical temperature is below -10℃ is called permanent gas, and the gas cylinder containing permanent gas is called permanent gas cylinder. Cylinders containing oxygen, nitrogen, air, carbon monoxide, and inert gases are examples. Its common standard pressure series is 15 MPa, 20 MPa, 30 MPa.

(2) Liquefied gas cylinders

Any of various gases at or above -10℃ that are gaseous at room and pressure and turn to liquid when pressurized and cooled. Among these gases, some have higher critical temperature (higher than 70℃), such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, propane, liquefied petroleum gas, etc., known as high critical temperature liquefied gas, also known as low pressure liquefied gas. The cylinders in which these gases are stored are low pressure liquefied gas cylinders. At ambient temperature, the low-pressure liquefied gas is always in the coexistence of gas-liquid two phases, and the pressure of the gas phase is the saturated vapor pressure of the gas at the corresponding temperature. Considering that the higher operating temperature is 60℃, the saturated vapor pressure of all liquefied gases at high critical temperature is below 5 MPa, so such gases can be filled with low-pressure cylinders. Its standard pressure series are 1.0mpa, 1.6mpa, 2.0mpa, 3.0mpa, 5.0mpa.

(3) Dissolved gas cylinders

This cylinder is specially designed for holding acetylene. Due to the unstable acetylene gas, especially under high pressure, it is easy to aggregate or decomposition of acetylene slight vibration after liquefaction will explode, so can’t filling with compressed gas state, must put the acetylene dissolved in a solvent (acetone) is commonly used, and in the interior of the porous materials, such as calcium silicate porous material, etc.) as absorbent. The higher working pressure of the dissolved gas cylinder is generally not more than 3.0mpa, and its safety problem is special. For example, the acetone in the acetylene cylinder will erupt, causing static electricity in the acetylene cylinder, causing harm such as combustion, explosion and increased consumption of acetone.


Post time: Jun-16-2020
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