• Post time: May-26-2020

    Because grease, especially contain unsaturated fat and acid fat, it is easy to gasify and exothermic. Oil yarn, oil cloth so can spontaneous combustion is due to oxidation in the air, heat does not disperse, when reached the spontaneous combustion point and caused by spontaneous combustion. The g...Read more »

  • Post time: May-14-2020

    Gas cylinders are very common both in life and in production. It is a kind of pressure equipment, with flammable, explosive, toxic, strong corrosion and other properties, so for the industrial cylinder placement requirements are very strict. Today, let’s take a look at the specific placemen...Read more »

  • Post time: Apr-29-2020

    Because of the cylinder valve is mostly made of copper alloy, fragile, although some steel to make, but because of its structure than the small bottle, spin on the bottle between bottleneck and the cylinder valve joint form a right Angle, it is the weak point of the bottle, and the bulge of bottl...Read more »

  • How to use oxygen cylinder safely
    Post time: Sep-11-2018

    Oxygen cylinder is a special high pressure vessel for storing and transporting oxygen. It is composed of bottle body, bottle hoop, bottle valve and bottle cap. There are two shockproof rubber bands on the outside of the bottle. The bottle is sky blue and the word “oxygen” is marked in...Read more »

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