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    Mūsų kvalifikuoti ir patyrę po garantinis aptarnavimas komanda stovi, pasirengę tarnauti jums per 24 valandas, kai jūs susitinkate
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    • Why can’t oxygen cylinders, especia...
      Because grease, especially contain unsaturated fat and acid fat, it is easy to gasify and exothermic. Oil yarn, oil cloth so can spontaneous combustion is due to oxidation in the air, heat does not disperse, when reac...
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    • What are the cylinder placement requireme...
      Gas cylinders are very common both in life and in production. It is a kind of pressure equipment, with flammable, explosive, toxic, strong corrosion and other properties, so for the industrial cylinder placement requi...
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    • Why do gas cylinders wear caps?
      Because of the cylinder valve is mostly made of copper alloy, fragile, although some steel to make, but because of its structure than the small bottle, spin on the bottle between bottleneck and the cylinder valve join...
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